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Client Testimonials and Feedback

Our customers love our service as much as we do. We have listed some customer testimonials - these are real quotes from our customers, some dating back to our original launch in July 2005. Being a company that's all about customer satisfaction, we always aim to add the personal touch.


Stephan Bothma

I have only received excellent service from these guys. Where other service providers take a week to respond to requests, they take minutes. I'm moving all my domains to them. Thanks!

Coenraad Kotze (CyberGecko)

Great service. Been hosting my shop's website abroad for a while now due to SA web hosting providers not providing "unlimited" packages at affordable rates. But then I found Elitehost. At first I thought their hosting packages were too good to be true so I started asking questions and they sure knows what they're talking about and know what they're doing. I'm very speed conscious and don't like waiting for anything when it involves IT and I must say everything and I mean everything is happening fast! The friendly knowledgeable service from Elitehost, the issue-less convenience of website migration, website back-end (cpanel), even the website itself is much faster than what I was used to. Now this is what web hosting is suppose to be like smile Thanks to Jason and the Elitehost team. Keep up the good work!

Ulf Dieter Koepp

During my exposure to countless of names of web hosting service providers, one or two of the people asked mel of which web hosting service provider is the ideal one for their sites. I googled up names of web hosting service provider and came across to Elitehost. The first hand experience I had with them was super mind blowing. Just fast support. Just fast and simple download, upload and uncompromised connection to the ftp. Elitehost means enlightening clients' burdens with their extraordinary support. The night I emailed a enquiry about add on domains, few minutes I got the answer from Erwee! One or two of the same people who I recommended Elitehost, were flabbergasted about their quality support! You guys rock through thin and thick times! I am now their client and cannot find myself going wrong with them.

Ashton Hayes

I have 6 websites with Elitehost and I would say that their service is the best service I have ever received from any company. The live chat is great and the response time when you submit tickets are remarkable. Their Control Panel is awesome and really user friendly as well. Keep up the good work.

Derek Prinsloo

I have only recently signed up with Elitehost as a reseller and I must say your service has been outstanding. Your support staff have been incredibly helpful and sorted out the one or two small problems I had, quickly and efficiently. They were even so friendly as to email me afterwards and to ask if everything was now running smooth and that I should contact them if I need any help .... unbelievable!

Craig Wileman (

I have recently moved to Elitehost after being unsatisfied by my previous host, and I do not regret it! The support received is unbelievable - the staff are friendly and prompt.

Shannon Bowden (KZN Photo Guy)

I am delighted with the service I have been receiving from Elitehost and would recommend them to anyone looking for a service provider that actually knows what the word “Service” means.

Mario Visser (MBA Marketing)

I have only been with Elite host for a short time but can vouch for their excellent service especially received from Jason. We had to transfer a lot of domain over a short period of time and they made the transition smooth and without delays. I would recommend Elitehost above all others as I have seen the shocking services of other hosting companies and it is like night and day. Keep it up.

Francé Saayman (Sonic Computers & Wi-Fi)

We are a Wireless Internet service provider, currently hosting over 600 Client's e- mail boxes and we have deal with a lot of hosting companies before and never in our profession of 13 Years have we come across a more professional and on the ball Hosting Company as Elitehost. They are always there to assist and is always being able to provide a solution to fix the problem fast, whatever the problem might be. We have now recently transferred a .com domain over to our Hosting package at Elite Host and , where we know that it can take up to 7 days to do the transfer they did this in only 3 days. There services will be a asset for any business. If only all business were like them we would have a better service level in South Africa. We never have to worry about our hosting because we know everything is in good hands. Keep up the good work.

Ryan Murphy

Excellent service with such a quick response time! Your hosting packages are both affordable and great value. Glad i'm hosting with Elitehost! Thank you for the great service


Great pricing on their local reseller accounts. Also, probably the friendliest and most helpful team I've ever met in hosting. Within a matter of minutes my hosting package had been transferred and requests for all the domains had been sent for updating.

Nico (Sonic Computers)

Thanks a million for your very efficient service in transferring my account over to you and solving all the issues I had. Your knowledge and expertise is evident in dealing with all these matters so promptly. You have a client for life!

Allan B (Bradburys Online)

I just wanted to commend Elitehost and staff on the exceptional service and services provided to Bradburys Online LTD over the last few months. Your support has been instantaneous and simply world-class. I have been with over 10 Webhosts in my time and honestly I wish I'd found elitehost sooner, and Elitehost is by far one of the best WebHosts in South Africa for support, pricing and product offerings! I honestly recommend them without hesitation to everyone I know.

Justin Tamblyn

I have had to use most of popular hosting solutions available in South Africa. They're alright but Elitehost make them look mickey-mouse. There is just no comparison. Elitehost dominates the key areas I look for in hosting: They provide support quickly, professionally and transparently. Their products outgun other offerings in both features and pricing. Elitehost's implementation of their services solution also comes configured is such a way that you generally don't have to ask anything of them, unlike other hosting providers who need to be asked only then to take more time to "enable this" or "increase that".

Johann Ronnebeck (Web Outsource)

I would like to compliment these guys on great service. I was with another hosting service which did unfortunately not offer what I needed. I have 13 domains which I needed to transfer quickly and these guys did it without any complaints. We had some struggle with the transfers at first but in the end these guys,Elitehost, Jason and Marius did go the extra mile. Everybody here part of our team is happy and will be happy to give these guys a round of applause for all their hard work, help and dedication to bring the type of service you expect from a hosting company... Well done guys

Leon van Rensburg

My sites are super-fast since I have changed to Elitehost, and any issue that has come up, they've responded fast with a good helpful attitude, and my tickets get resolved promptly.

Michael Van Dijk (Solutions4IT)

I was left in the lurch by another hosting supplier and had to arrange for hosting rapidly, to maintain 37 domains and keep clients on-line. Jason and his team responded immediately and had me up and running in no time. Should you ever require a domain hosting supplier, I highly recommend that you try Elitehost first., as they offer a money back guarantee with exceptional service delivery.

David, B

I don't usually write testimonials but after receiving outstanding service from Elitehost I just had to. The guys there were fast, efficient and polite attending to my problem immediately. This is definitely a company that I intend staying with and a rare level of service to be found in South-Africa.