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Enterprise Spam Filtering

We offer enterprise email filtering using our own SpamExperts mail cluster. SpamExperts is an anti-spam filter for your inbox providing you with a smart and accurate anti-spam filtering engine that has an incredibly low false-positive rate. Over time, the SpamExperts filter gets even smarter at filtering even the most obscure spam e-mails.

- SpamExperts offers a 99.98% accuracy rate and 24/7 monitoring, with a low 0.0001% false-positive rate.
- Control Panel access allows you to view every mail that has passed through the system as well as reporting.
- Far more accurate than SpamAssassin because of the number of e-mails it filters
- Our filters are optimally configured and continuously updated by SpamExperts.

* Enterprise Anti-spam is currently only available on our Business Web Hosting Packages: Business Hosting.